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 Carsten Schaefer (KIRO)

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PostSubject: Carsten Schaefer (KIRO)   Sun May 22, 2011 1:16 pm

Character Photo(if available):

Character's name: Kiro Cullen

Character's birthday: January 11, 1988

Occupation: Bassist

Birthplace: Birkenfeld

Hobbies: Partying, traveling, eating good food, shopping, watching horror movies.

Eye color: Blue / Green

Character Bio: Kiro modeled his name off of a toy monkey "Tiro" that belonged to Strify. He was born in Birkenfeld. Kiro loves to sleep and often feels tired. He likes playing the bass and he likes the feel of the strings. Kiro can almost always be seen wearing a belt. He loves to watch horror movies. Kiro can sing and sang in a choir when he was in school. He especially loves to sing when he's drunk. Kiro generally does not smoke. He is addicted to coffee and bubble gum.

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Carsten Schaefer (KIRO)
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