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 Kiro Cullen ( A D M I N )

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PostSubject: Kiro Cullen ( A D M I N )   Sun May 22, 2011 2:28 am

Nickname: Kiro Cullen

Real Name: Rachel

Birthday: 08 / 05 / 95

Location: Berlin, Deutschland.

Hobbies: Writing fanfiction, graphic design, drawing, painting, photography, reading, listening to/ making music.

Something special about me: I know two languages other than English(German and Japanese), though I am not fluent it either. I know more in German.

Favorite Musicians: Jack E. Strify, Cinema Bizarre, Tokio Hotel, Adam Lambert, Dir en Grey, Alice Nine, Marilyn Manson, the Beatles.

Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Silent Hill, Number Six, The Phantom of the Opera, Ju-On: The Grudge, Tron.

Favorite TV Shows: Bones, Kaleido Star, Tokio Motel(parody).

Mrrr...Can't really think of anything more. Any questions, feel free to ask.
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Kiro Cullen ( A D M I N )
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