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PostSubject: PLEASE READ!   Sun May 22, 2011 12:23 pm


The following rules are to be followed while using this forum or your account will be deleted. You will get one warning, and if you continue to break the same rule, you will be completely removed.

1) No fighting with other members on the board.
Do not swear or say anything offensive to another member on the boards. Fighting will be tolerated only while in character.

2) Respect others on the forum.
Once again, fighting will not be tolerated between members. If you have any reason to argue with another member, please do so in a private message. Other members on the board do not want to deal with your problems. Try to treat every member with respect and the same way you wish to be treated.

3) Create your character profile before posting anywhere.
Fill out the character profile form with your character information or request one of the band members. If a spot is already taken, do not request it.

4) Refrain from double posting.
If you are the last to submit text to a topic and you feel the need to add to your previous text, go back and edit it.

5) Give your posts appropriate warnings.
If you post something that should not be viewed by members under 18, please give a warning.

6) Stay in character.
While you are using the roleplaying forums, please stay in character. Anything posted that is not in character should be posted in the off-topic or media forums.

7) Do not plagiarize.
Plagiarism is illegal and will not be tolerated on the forum.

8) Try to post all topics under the appropriate forums.
If topics are incorrectly placed, they will be moved.

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